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oracle.apps.fnd.isg.common.error.ISGException: Could not find the package.

When you’re trying to deploy rest service , you might be get the below issue


Error in the generating PLSQL package oracle.apps.fnd.isg.common.error.ISGException: Error in the generating PLSQL package at at at at at at oracle.apps.fnd.isg.mgmt.server.AdminService$1GenerateNDeployTask.execute( at oracle.apps.fnd.isg.mgmt.server.AdminService$1GenerateNDeployTask.execute( at oracle.apps.fnd.isg.mgmt.server.ISGServerMBean$ at Caused by: oracle.apps.fnd.isg.common.error.ISGException: Could not find the package. at at at … 8 more

Solution :

Please check your internal name, the internal should be a package name, it should not be an “apps.packagename”. remove apps from your pls file and upload again.


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  1. William Fan #

    what if my internal name doesn’t contain “apps” in the original name, what else could cause this?

    July 3, 2019

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