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Excellence award for Excellent guy

I feel, this time the Oracle Magazine Jan/Feb 2012  has a special edition for who has received oracle excellence award. I am not added this list (excellence award) but My beloved teacher and my best adviser, Mr.Syed Jaffer Hussian included this list . Yes He got a Technologist of the year ,DBA 2011. Oracle always choose a right person to give this award. Again oracle proved, He has the right person for this award,2011.

My personally, He has  a great knowledge in Oracle and related OS. He is easily addict with who has newly meet him.He is very nice person and also he has continuously  helping peoples, not only Oracle and at all.

His interview is  published at Oracle Magazine Jan/Feb 2012.

I am very happy for this honorable person, Mr.Syed Jaffer Hussain got this award. Happy, Healthy & Successful life for him forever.

Simple cronjob for datapump

Today morning I just written a small script for taking full database using datapump and after I scheduled on every one week with cron.

#Script to perform a full database  export backup using by datapump on every wednesday
# Script Written by
# Mohamed Azar
ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1; export ORACLE_HOME
ORACLE_SID=devcrm; export ORACLE_SID
expdp system/Admin123 directory=exportdb dumpfile=exportdb-$(date +%Y-%m-%d).dmp logfile=exportdb-$(date +%Y-%m-%d).log full=y exclude=statistics
# Send log to mail
tail -4 /u01/datapump/dumps/exportdb-$(date +%Y-%m-%d).log | mailx -s “Cronjob Oracle Export Output:SIEBELDEV”

#Remove old previous dumpfile
rm -rf /u01/datapump/dumps/previous/*.*

#Find out last week dumpfiles and move to previous directory
cd /u01/datapump/dumps
chown -Rf oracle:oinstall *.dmp *.log
chmod -Rf 775 *.dmp *.log
find -mtime +6 -exec mv {} /u01/datapump/dumps/previous \;
gzip /u01/datapump/previous/*.*
gzip *.dmp *.log

Cronjob schedule :

I scheduled here , every week on wednesday at 04:00pm

[oracle@siebelpoc cronjob]$ vi cron.exportdb
0 16 * * 3 /u01/datapump/dumps/scripts/

[oracle@siebelpoc cronjob]$crontab cron.exportdb