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When we’re trying to post the data using REST service after we add some parameter in existing package, we’re getting the error while post


“ISGServiceFault”: {
“Message”: “Error while executing service”,
“Resolution”: “System error, please see service log trace for details”,
“ServiceDetails”: {
“ServiceName”: “XXACE_AP_INV_CMS_SOA_PKG”,
“OperationName”: “xxace_main”,
“InstanceId”: “0”


Log in error while deploy REST service

PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘HAS_DEFAULT’
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored


Solution :

Functional Administrator –> clear cache

restart service

undeploy and deploy the service again

Now we can able to post data


EBS 12.2 Only Allow Access to Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Ports from Trusted Hosts

When i am trying to access the weblogic server console from one of client machine, I am getting the below error



Solution :


If you have applied the Critical Patch Update (CPU) released in April 2019, then you can use the context variable s_wls_admin_console_access_nodes to specify the trusted hosts used by administrators that require access to the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console and Fusion Middleware Control. Set this context variable to a list of trusted hosts that are allowed to access the consoles using the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration ports.


Run file system, we need to add the client ip or hostname lists in context file

<s_wls_admin_console_access_nodes oa_var=”s_wls_admin_console_access_nodes”>10.0.XX.XX</s_wls_admin_console_access_nodes>

run autoconfig

stop and start service

Now we can able to reach the weblogic server console URL

adop phase=fs_clone