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Unable to find node in database while doing database extract in siebel

I am facing this below issues while I’m trying to configure database extract for multiple users.

GenericLog      GenericError    1       0000051651517293:0      2013-03-30 11:19:58     Unable to find node in database^M

GenericLog      GenericError    1       0000051651517293:0      2013-03-30 11:19:58     Message: GEN-13,

the problem comes because I’m not register mobile client for this siebel application. first register mobile client using following method.

Step 1:

Create users in database and give to sse_role privilege to theses users

Step 2:

create new employee from Administration- User as same user id

Step 3:

Administration – Siebel Remote tab–> Mobile Client


Here Mobile Client — User id

User Id — User Id

Last Name :  M

First Name : Balaji

No need other value for this row and save this mobile client

Step 4:

Administration — Server Management — jobs

create new tab– > Database Extract  and Requested Server is your siebel server name

bottom of the tab –> create new parameter –> Client Name — list of users

Client Database encryption method  — None

Encrypt client Db password — False

Now submit the job and then the new job will be created successfully

Generate New Database job remain in queue

When you’re trying to create generate new database component for siebel, this job remain in queue long time. Here Check the apporpriate siebel component are enabled or not.

Check remote server component enabled or not through server manager

srvrmgr:siebsrvr01> list compgrp

If it’s not enable, enable the remote component.

srvrmgr:siebsrvr01>enable compgrp remote

Restart the siebel server

srvrmgr:siebsrvr01> list compgrp Remote

————- ——– ———————— —————– —————– ———- ————
Siebel Remote Remote Siebel Remote Components Enabled 8 siebsrvr01 Running

1 row returned.

srvrmgr:siebsrvr01> list comp DbXtract

———- ——– —————- ——– ——– ———- —————– ———— —————- ———— —————– —————- ——————- ———– ———— ————
siebsrvr01 DbXtract Database Extract DbXtract Remote Batch Online Auto 0 10 2013-03-27 15:07:24

1 row returned.


enable event log level for siebel component

In some situations, If we are getting error from siebel application, We can’t able to find out what exactly happen from log file. So in this case we should increase the log level for certain components. then We run the report again, If  once error raised, you should read the log file from server, Here It notified what exact happen for this components.

We can able to increase the log level using two methods.

1.Server Manager

2.Siebel application


Server Manager

connect the server manager

srvrmgr -g siebeldev:2320 -e ACEDEVCRM81 -s siebsrvr01 -u sadmin -p password


srvrmgr:siebsrvr01> change evtloglvl % = 5 for server siebsrvr01 component XMLPReportserver
Command completed successfully.

For revert back

srvrmgr:siebsrvr01> change evtloglvl % = 1 for server siebsrvr01 component XMLPReportserver
Command completed successfully.

Siebel Application :

Site Map — Administration- Server Configuration — Servers

Components — XMLPReportserver


specified driver could not be loaded due to system error seor823.dll

I had installed siebel tools on my windows 7 64bit machine and then when i try to open siebel tools application, I am getting below error

“An internal error has occurred within the authentication subsystem for the Siebel application”

So I just checked in my odbc driver, its seem like okay. but the issues was we need to add the odbc datasource name in odbc32bit.

So I have to execute 32bit odbc ” c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe”

I added the datasource name and just test it test connection, it shows error

“specified driver could not be loaded due to system error seor823.dll”

I had installed 64bit client also on my machine before so that I can’t able to connect 64bit using by odbc32bit.  Install Oracle client 32 bit on windows 7 and set the path.  remove the 64bit client path from environmental variables and restart the machine. now try to connect database using by odbc it was successful.

Now I can able to open my siebel tools