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How to test REST Service (POST) for EBS 12.1/12.2

Step 1: Deployed rest service in EBS

(Create package & body for inserting data into table & Create Business entity, then you create pls & upload it & Deployed)

Give grant to specific user, That particular responsibility should be assigned to user.

Note the “Responsibility Key”

Step 2: Install Chrome Rest Service Client

Step 3:  Now you have WADL file for you deployed service

Step 4:  Example POST Data

Granted user credentials



Parameter :


“xxace_main”: {

“@xmlns”: “http://ebsdevxxxx/webservices/rest/XXACETESTNEW/xxace_main/“,

“RESTHeader”: {

“Responsibility”: “20-LEBANON_AR”,

“RespApplication”: “AR”,

“SecurityGroup”: “STANDARD”,

“NLSLanguage”: “AMERICAN”


“inputParameters”: {

“P_CUSTOMER_NAME_1”: “Testing Done31”






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