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failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit

The EBS environment running on DB Server ,Application server and Web server. I merged Application & Web server on a single server.  So all the services running on single server but database running on another server.

When i tried to start the services, I am keep on getting below errors

You are running version 120.7.12010000.2

Starting OPMN managed Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) instance …
opmnctl: opmn is already running.
opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes…
0 of 1 processes started.


–> Process (index=1,uid=1739340853,pid=15502)
failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit


Solution :

below service not deployed


Delploy the service using below command

[applprod@ebs scripts]$ perl $FND_TOP/bin/ -script=DeployForms-c4ws

### Creating the directory to store temporary logs: /u01/ERPPROD/inst/apps/ERPPROD_ebs/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/Thu_Oct_3_16_47_11_2019

*** Log File = /u01/ERPPROD/inst/apps/ERPPROD_ebs/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/txkDeployForms-c4ws_Thu_Oct_3_16_47_11_2019.log
Program : /u01/ERPPROD/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ started @ Thu Oct 3 16:47:11 2019

*** Log File = /u01/ERPPROD/inst/apps/ERPPROD_ebs/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/txkDeployForms-c4ws_Thu_Oct_3_16_47_11_2019.log

Stopping all OPMN processes.
opmnctl: opmn is not running.
OPMN stopped.
Removing OC4J instance if it exists: forms-c4ws
OC4J instance “forms-c4ws” does not exist.
Creating OC4J instance: forms-c4ws
opmnctl: opmn started.
opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes…
OPMN started.
Web module :”formsclient” is not deployed for application: “forms-c4ws”
Deploying Application : “forms-c4ws” onto OC4J instance: “forms-c4ws”
Application deployed successfully.
Stopping and starting OC4J instances.
opmnctl: stopping opmn managed processes…
opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes…
Started OC4J instances.
Binding webApp : “forms-c4ws” with webmodule : “formsclient” for OC4J instance: “forms-c4ws”
Web application bound successfully.
Stopping OPMN.
opmnctl: stopping opmn and all managed processes…
OPMN stopped.

Program : /u01/ERPPROD/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ completed @ Thu Oct 3 16:47:49 2019

End of /u01/ERPPROD/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ : No Errors encountered


Now I can able to start the services without issues.

2100 detection error on hdd0 (main hdd) lenevo thinkpad t440p

Today I faced serious issues about my laptop external SSD harddrive suddenly failed. oops I don’t have backup of recent data. We are tried to restore from windows automatic recovery and tried many method and also we used  to remove the  SSD and inserted again but still we have same issue and HDD not detected.

So We thought it SSD Failed and data gone. But luckily One of our IT support guy (named Rasheed) helped to recover data using with external drive like below image, the issue was that Laptop slot  which is pointing to SSD hardrive insert.

Once we inserted the SSD Harddrive to external drive, the SDD drive detected.