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expdp and impdp tablespace on same database

Just a example for export tablespace and import tablespace on the same database when the tablespace existing

Step1 :

Step 2: export tabespace

Step 3: import tablespace but errors shown when it ends because of already existing objects there

Step 4: use table_exists_action=replace


How do you acces your local directory from Remote Desktop whenever you login windows remote desktop

This is the simple method to configure

Step 1:

open remote desktop, click options –> local resources

click more


Step 2:

Choose your local directory


Step 3:

Now login remote desktop

Step 4:

you can see your local directory at remote desktop, now you can able to copy server data to your local directory



Normal export exp support if table column encrypted?

Normal export exp does not support if table column encrypted using TDE method. However datapump is support.

Lets see example

Step 1:

Step 2:


Step 3:

Step 4: