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Why EBS URL not working after changed IP Address

Why EBS URL not working after changed IP Address?


Your system was configured using HOSTNAME of the machine, you plan to change the IP address of that machine, you changed and restarted the application also, Still Application URL not working, Why?

Stop the application & run autoconfig on the system and start the application, it will work.

Capture FND log error message

Step 1:

select max(log_sequence) from fnd_log_messages

Note the sequence number

Step 2:

Log in as a system administator

Profile –> System

FND: Debug Log Enabled –> Yes

FND: Debug Log Level  –> Statement or options

FND: Debug Log Module –> %


Step 3:

Reproduce the issue


Step 4:

select max(log_sequence) from fnd_log_messages


Step 5:

select * from fnd_log_messages where log_sequence between “first one” and ” last sequence”


Spool the file and analyze the log file if you can able to find any issue with this file.