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EBS 12.1.3 Data masking issue with

I tried to data mask the EBS 12.1.3 data with database version but After i masked, I can’t open the application because of SYSADMIN and Guest user was missed. So I raised SR, As per support we need to upgrade database version to otherwise we need to do backport activity. If your database version is, you need to check with Oracle support before you do data masking.

I upgraded to 12c, it’s working fine.


toad and oracle client are getting ora-12560 tns protocol adapter error after upgraded windows 10

Yesterday morning I came to office, One of my colleague complaint, My toad not working , I am getting “ora-12560 tns protocol adapter error” while connecting to target database through toad.

I asked him when was this issue started , He said, After upgraded my pc to windows 10. I am getting this issue. I told him, My pc also upgraded to windows 10 but I am not getting this issue. I can able to connect target database through toad and Oracle Client too.

Now I am started to fix his pc tns protocal adapter issue. I thought It might be a ORALCE_HOME AND TNS_ADMIN  path issue because He installed  lot of Oracle Client software like (Dev Suite and Oracle Client and Oracle instant Client) on his pc.

So I just tried change ORACLE_HOME AND TNS_ADMIN  path and I tried to open target database through toad, I am getting same issue.

And then I added sqlplus binaries in Oracle instant client and I tried to open, I am getting same issue.

And then I am tried to open through direct connection, I am getting issue.

And then I installed Oracle 12c client, I tried to created tns name using netca, It says ” sgslunUDPNew: unable to create communication endpoint” and getting tns protocol issue.

So I had decided, That issue was not related with Oracle Client, That issue might be due to network problem.  So I tried to open that target database with appropriate port using telnet. It says ” telnet could not open connection to port. A system call has failed”.

I checked His PC firewall is blocking or not. But His PC firewall was off. OOPS then I am thinking What is the problem?.

Finally I got the solution from the below link. Please refer here.




Enable DDL logging

Enable DDL Logging:

ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING enables or disables the writing of a subset of data definition language (DDL) statements to a DDL log.

SQL> show parameter enable_ddl_logging

———————————— ———– ——————————
enable_ddl_logging boolean FALSE

SQL> alter system set enable_ddl_logging=TRUE scope=both;

System altered.

SQL> show parameter enable_ddl_logging

———————————— ———– ——————————
enable_ddl_logging boolean TRUE

SQL> select value from v$diag_info where name=’ADR Home’;



SQL> select value from v$diag_info where name=’ADR Home’;


SQL> conn test/test123
SQL> create table invoicenum(invoice number);

Table created.

SQL> exit
Disconnected from Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, Oracle Label Security, OLAP, Advanced Analytics
and Real Application Testing options

[premiadb:oracle:oradb]$ pwd

[premiadb:oracle:oradb]$ cat log.xml

<msg time=’2017-02-21T15:25:47.163+03:00′ org_id=’oracle’ comp_id=’rdbms’
msg_id=’opiexe:4383:2946163730′ type=’UNKNOWN’ group=’diag_adl’
level=’16’ host_id=’premiadb’ host_addr=’′>
<txt>create table invoicenum(invoice number)

Reference :


Listener Exception : Could not create listener: TNS-04414: File error

When I tried to add listner using netca for my test database, I am getting below issue

“Listener Exception : Could not create listener: TNS-04414: File error’

It could be possible ” Listener file having some wrong entries, so you need to check” or renaming current listener and tried to add (Here Please be note, your current listener configuration will be removed).

Configure Oracle EBS integrated soa gateway for SOAP services on 12.2.6

Here I am going to explain how to configure Oracle EBS integrated soa gateway for SOAP services on 12.2.6.

The E business suite integrated soa gateway configuration require a Oracle SOA suite  with weblogic on separate server.

Refer the document for how to install

Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1311068.1)

In this note, Go to

Section 1: Configuring Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway for SOAP Services on a New Installation of Release 12.2.3 or Higher

In this section , They mentioned to install oracle SOA suite server as per section 4

Here I had chosen  the below version of Oracle SOA suite to install on the separate server

  • For Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Oracle Applications Adapter 11g on Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

How to Install Oracle SOA Suite:

Download Oracle SOA Suite software from

Prepare a new linux server for Oracle SOA Suite

Complete  all the prerequisites on this server. (See my OBIEE installation guide for complete prerequisites activities)

Install  Oracle Database software and create a database for SOA Suite.

Install Jdk  (jdk-7u79-linux-x64.rpm)

Create repository creation for SOA

Select the below component while creating repository

–> AS Common Schemas –>  Metadata Services

–> SOA and BPM infrastructure –> SOA Infrastructure & Business Activity Monitoring & User Messaging Service

Install Oracle weblogic Server 10.3.6

Install Oracle SOA suite

Configure Oracle SOA Suite


Integartion SOA gateway :

Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1311068.1)

Go to Section 1.1: Setup Tasks on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.3 or Higher

Here you noted : ASADMIN password change, Try to change user management If you can’t see reset password field , change password using secutiry – users -define.

And also Weblogic and SOA gateway server address should be you mentioned which you are  installed Oracle SOA suite server and weblogic server address and ipaddress.

Section 1.2: Configuration Steps on Oracle SOA Suite to Integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite

Once done the above steps, you may go to Integrated SOA responsibility–> select your interface name or internal name  and regenerate the wsdl and deploy the SOAP service. please verify can you able to view wsdl file or not. If you can able to view wsdl  with soa suite server address, the SOAP service is working fine.








User ASADMIN does not have the privilege of deploying/undeploying composites

I am trying to deploy the SOAP service in ebs 12.2.6 with integrated SOA gateway. I can able to deploy the wsdl file but I can’t able to view wsdl files. The below error appeared when I try to open view wsdl file

“Failed to Load a composite for composite identified by default”

So I realized  the error seems to be part of SOA server. I looked the SOA server log from EM console. It shows below error

# START_TIME: 2016-11-17T11:16:46.968+03:00
# END_TIME: 2016-11-17T12:16:46.968+03:00

# /Farm_base_domain/base_domain/soa_server1/soa-infra:oracle_soainfra

[2016-11-17T12:00:57.533+03:00] [soa_server1] [ERROR] [SOA-21537] [oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet] [host:] [nwaddr:] [tid: [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: ‘2’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’] [userId: ASADMIN] [ecid: 005GNi0iuAiESO15zvg8yW00004y00001p,1:26140:36] [APP: soa-infra] [DSID: 0000LXlX7_9EOP15zvg8yW1OBMle000006] Sending back error message: User ASADMIN does not have the privilege of deploying/undeploying composites. Only users of SOAAdmin/SOAOperator role are authorized to deploy/undeploy composites..
[2016-11-17T12:01:17.366+03:00] [soa_server1] [ERROR] [SOA-21537] [oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet] [host:] [nwaddr:] [tid: [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: ‘0’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’] [userId: ASADMIN] [ecid: 005GNi1pk8XESO15zvg8yW00004y00001q,1:26142:37] [APP: soa-infra] [DSID: 0000LXlXCYjEOP15zvg8yW1OBMle000007] Sending back error message: User ASADMIN does not have the privilege of deploying/undeploying composites. Only users of SOAAdmin/SOAOperator role are authorized to deploy/undeploy composites..


So The ASADMIN requires some privileges in SOA server for deploying services.

Solution :

SOA Server Enterprise Manager Console

–> Weblogic Domain –> <domain name>

–> Security –> Application roles

–> Application Stripe — soa-infra

Select SOAAdmin roleand click edit, and add user ASADMIN

Select SOAOperator role and click edit, and add user ASADMIN


Again now  I tried to deploy the services, it’s working fine.

Backup the Siebel Gateway name server data

Its necessary to take the backup of siebel gateway name server data before or after making any configuration changes.  So you should take the backup of siebns.dat file

Application :

Administration-  system configuration –> Enterprises

Click Backup enterprise ( it will generate siebns.dat along with date in gateway server).

or Command prompt

[siebel@premiadb siebsrvr]$  srvrmgr /g premiadb /e MigEnt /u SADMIN /p  password

srvrmgr> backup nameserver
Command completed successfully.

We can use below command also

srvrmgr> backup namesrvr
Command completed successfully.


Backup location in linux :

[siebel@premiadb admin]$ pwd
[siebel@premiadb admin]$ ls -ltr siebns*
-rw-r–r– 1 siebel siebapp 117 Feb 4 10:34 siebns.dat
-rw-r–r– 1 siebel siebapp 1192361 Feb 23 14:45 siebns.dat_20160223_144538
-rw-r–r– 1 siebel siebapp 1192361 Feb 23 14:46 siebns.dat_20160223_144614


Step by step Siebel 15.0 Industry applications installation guide on Redhat Linux 6.2

Hello Guys, If you are looking the siebel installation guide on redhat linux 6 , this document will guide you to install  siebel 15.o industry application on redhat linux 6.2.  This document may be useful for you when you’re going to deployment siebel on your environment.

Download the document :

Step by step Siebel 15.0 industry applications installation guide on Redhat linux 6.2

User creation with particular directory access through FTP

Requirements :

Create a user

The user should not able to access through terminal like putty…etc

The user Should able to access his custom report directory path only with ftp client

the user need that directory path read and write permission

OS: Redhat 5.6 64bit

Step 1:

check below package are installed or not
[root@ebsdev ~]# rpm -qa|grep vsftpd

Step2 : If its not installed, install below rpm package

[root@ebsdev install]# ls
[root@ebsdev install]# rpm -ivh vsftpd-2.0.5-16.el5_5.1.x86_64.rpm
warning: vsftpd-2.0.5-16.el5_5.1.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 37017186
Preparing… ########################################### [100%]
1:vsftpd ########################################### [100%]
Step 3:

[root@ebsdev install]# service vsftpd restart
Shutting down vsftpd: [FAILED]
Starting vsftpd for vsftpd: [ OK ]

Step 4: User creation

[root@ebsdev install]# useradd -g dba ftpuser
[root@ebsdev install]# passwd ftpuser

Step 5: Provide that directory path only access this to ftp user

[root@ebsdev ~]# chmod o+w /u02/backup/appltrng/apps/apps_st/appl/xxace/12.0.0/reports/US

[root@ebsdev install]# usermod -d /u02/backup/appltrng/apps/apps_st/appl/xxace/12.0.0/reports/US ftpuser

step 6: Disabled signon access for terminals

modified the line

[root@ebsdev install]# vi /etc/passwd




Step 7: allow chroot local user in ftp

[root@ebsdev vsftpd]# pwd
[root@ebsdev vsftpd]# vi vsftpd.conf

Add below Bolded line

# You may specify an explicit list of local users to chroot() to their home
# directory. If chroot_local_user is YES, then this list becomes a list of
# users to NOT chroot().

Step 8: restart vsftpd service

[root@ebsdev vsftpd]#service vsftpd restart

step 9: Try to login with credentials in ftp and also putty terminal

You can’t login in putty but you can able to login FTP with home path which directory you configured, you can’t go other directory. you have only that directory access.


Siebel ERP Integration performance issue

Users are always complaint about siebel erp integration performance issue when they are doing push the approval data to erp r12. It will take approximately 2 to 4 minutes.

So I took the awr reports from both database  and crosschecked both with some interval, the siebel database performance is good but erp database saying there is integration related packages sql elasped time little bit more.

So i just went to siebel application and look the all components group log level ,How about ? Yes I found out there some of the components groups logging was enabled to 5, It should not be like always,  So I have decreased the default log level to 1 and clear that web service cache, and then I tried to push the transaction, it completed within 10 seconds.

And also i have disabled SOA auditing feature from ERP, Now data came within 4 seconds.