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edelivery oracle software download difficulty

I am trying to download the Oracle fusion applications software from one of my redhat linux 5.6 server. But I couldn’t able to reach the oracle website through Firefox browser Which is running of older version. As we know, the older version firefox blocking the some of the websites include oracle website.

So I decided to get the file from and started to download but I couldn’t download again, Its says “Unable to establish SSL connection”. the problem is that the Older version wget couldn’t able to make connection with

So I tried to update firefox browser on the Redhat 5.6 but It might be require many dependencies and I tried to wget version too but It’s also required more dependencies.

So I dropped my plan to download the software from redhat 5.6 and I have another Redhat 7 OS version running server.

I started the download from redhat 7 server through Now I can able to download 🙂

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