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could not lock request concurrent manager

When we try to cancel a some request in concurrent manager, we might got the below issue


“could not lock request” ,

Solution :

Output post processor may have a issue, so terminate the output post processor and activate again.


But still the old request running on long time and complete with warnings or the request keep on running, so you need to cancel the request from database backend.


open two session as a apps user

Cancel the request :


update fnd_concurrent_requests set phase_code=’C’ , status_code=’X’ where request_id=’8239849′;

the command may be taking long time for complete or keep running. so you please check any blocking session there in the system


select sid, username, event, blocking_session,
seconds_in_wait, wait_time
from v$session where state in (‘WAITING’)
and wait_class != ‘Idle’;


kill the blocking session and you can see the cancel update command done and commit. now the request has been  terminated.

Hopefully after output post processor activated, the future concurrent request are running without issues.



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