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target node/queue unavailable

After Clone or some unwanted situations, you may get the below issue when you’re trying to start the concurrent manager


target node/queue unavailable


Solution :

If unnecessary nodes are added in your FND, you need to clear the nodes and then update with current nodes




2.  Run autoconfig on all tiers (db, apps & web tier)

3. clean all pending requests using cmclean.sql

4. start the services and check everything started or not


Still not started , you’re facing same issue,

do the below


update fnd_concurrent_queues set target_node=’target node name’,control_code=null;




start the services from front end

deactivate internal manager and activate internal manager,

and then Start the concurrent manager using


If conflict resolution manager not started due to same issue , Please update the above command and the deactivate and activate internal manger and then start the concurrent manager services.



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