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Printer setup for Oracle EBS r12

you need to do the below steps for printer configuration for oracle ebs r12 running on Linux environment.

Step 1.

Please check CUPS  running on your application tier installed server.

[root@hrms-ruh-104-26 ~]# rpm -qa|grep cups

Its running, If it’r not running, Please install CUPS on your machine.


Step 2:  please open your browser in the application tier.


Add printer :

your printer should be on your local network. give your printer IP address


select your printer Driver from the drop-down list. Or If not, choose any one of the drivers of related and test, Still not work, Please install the related driver on the application tier and then select correct ppd file from the driver installed location.

Test page.

Step 3: Configure printer on EBS Application

Responsibility = System Administrator

Navigate –> Install: Register

Query the target printer’s name (add printer name)

Update the printer “Type” field with the “–Pasta Universal Printer Type”

Step 4: Restart concurrent manager

[appluat@hrms-ruh-104-26 scripts]$ ./ stop

[appluat@hrms-ruh-104-26 scripts]$ ./ start


Step 5: Run any  report,  before submitting your request,

Here options –> Style -> “PDF Publisher” and choose your printer and then submit the request.

Your report will print now



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