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toad and oracle client are getting ora-12560 tns protocol adapter error after upgraded windows 10

Yesterday morning I came to office, One of my colleague complaint, My toad not working , I am getting “ora-12560 tns protocol adapter error” while connecting to target database through toad.

I asked him when was this issue started , He said, After upgraded my pc to windows 10. I am getting this issue. I told him, My pc also upgraded to windows 10 but I am not getting this issue. I can able to connect target database through toad and Oracle Client too.

Now I am started to fix his pc tns protocal adapter issue. I thought It might be a ORALCE_HOME AND TNS_ADMIN  path issue because He installed  lot of Oracle Client software like (Dev Suite and Oracle Client and Oracle instant Client) on his pc.

So I just tried change ORACLE_HOME AND TNS_ADMIN  path and I tried to open target database through toad, I am getting same issue.

And then I added sqlplus binaries in Oracle instant client and I tried to open, I am getting same issue.

And then I am tried to open through direct connection, I am getting issue.

And then I installed Oracle 12c client, I tried to created tns name using netca, It says ” sgslunUDPNew: unable to create communication endpoint” and getting tns protocol issue.

So I had decided, That issue was not related with Oracle Client, That issue might be due to network problem.  So I tried to open that target database with appropriate port using telnet. It says ” telnet could not open connection to port. A system call has failed”.

I checked His PC firewall is blocking or not. But His PC firewall was off. OOPS then I am thinking What is the problem?.

Finally I got the solution from the below link. Please refer here.




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