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I want to upgrade my laptop RAM from 4 GB memory to 8 GB RAM . But I don’t know where i can check my laptop is applicable for this upgrade. Its very easy to know about your laptop configuration and upgrade

Here you can see this list of manufacturer laptop company and then choose your brand, model number and get the information about your laptop.



Where is my applied patch default log location in EBS ?

[root@ebsdev ~]# suappltrng
[appltrng@ebsdev ~]$ cd $APPL_TOP
[appltrng@ebsdev appl]$ cd admin/EBSUAT/log
[appltrng@ebsdev log]$ pwd

[appltrng@ebsdev log]$ ls -l u14096872_01.log
rw-r–r– 1 appltrng dba 120237 Jan 23 23:41 u14096872_01.log
[appltrng@ebsdev log]$