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How do you bring GUI from terminal on your pc host

If you are working database on putty terminal at your pc host, you are thinking  like to do configure new database use dbca or  any other graphical user method. you may jump into GUI  linux machine and do your work like vncviewer. Do you know you can able to do from your putty termianl. How? Just download Xmanager software and install on your pc host and set display on putty terminal. The display should be on your pc host ipaddress and also check both side Firewall is turn off.

Download Xmanager

Check Firewall turn off on both machine ( Linux and pc host ).

Install Xmanager  on your host

start Xmanager

now go to putty terminal and set display (ipaddres of pc host not linux machine).

[root@testser ~]# su – oracle
[oracle@testser ~]$ export DISPLAY=10.x.xx.xx:0.0
[oracle@testser ~]$ dbca