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Listener local os authentication

Listener local os authentication parameter control the start or stop listener services through remotely.

Let see example,

Step 1:  Source Host Listener status, here local os authentication is ON.


Step 2: set the new password for listener and save configuration


Step 3: look listener.ora file whether password file is stored or not.


Step 4: Go to remote server, remote Host :

Add following entries in tnsnames.ora file in target host


Step 5: reload the source listener from remote host

Set the  password at remote host and then reload listener


Step 6: Go to source host, If I OFF the local os autentication, Can I able to reload/stop/start from remote host? No

go to listener.ora file and add the following entires

LSNRCTL> reload
The command completed successfully

Step 7 : Go to  remote host, reload/stop/start source listener

Step 8 : How do i remove password protection from listener.ora

remove the password listener entries from listener.ora file, though If you don’t want to protect local os authentication also, you set local_os_authentication_listenername=off

and after go to listener utility , reload the listener


Check the status of security off