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TNS-12508: TNS:listener could not resolve the COMMAND given

LSNRCTL> set  log_directory /u01/app/oracle/product/

Connecting to (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)(PORT=1521)))

TNS-12508: TNS:listener could not resolve the COMMAND given

the above issues happen while i’m trying to set log directory for listener. But It refused the comments, Why it’s refused the commands means I enabled the ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS parameter option in listener.ora file. So that reason, I cann’t set command used as administrator level, It restircted for executing the following set command options like SET TRC_FILE, SET TRC_DIRECTORY,SET TRC_LEVEL, SET LOG_DIRECTORY,SET LOG_STATUS,SET CURRENT_LISTENER,SET STARTUP_TIME.

When enabled, ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS instructs the Listener not to accept any administrative commands from lsnrctl. Instead, an administrator must log in to the Listener’s host OS and make configuration changes directly in listener.ora.

So In this case, We should  disable the  ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS_LISTENER = OFF and after reload the listener.

This parameter used for preventing from hackers who are trying to take the listener trace file through remote and It refused the set commands…

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