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Oracle 11gr2 two node real application cluster installation guide on linux using Virtual Box 4.1.4

Here I just demonstrated how do we install two node rac on oracle Virtual Box.

Please refer before you try to install rac on virtual box.

Vmware Server rac installation guide , click below url.

Oracle 11gr2 two node rac installation guide on linux using vmware

Oracle Virtual Box 4.1.4

Download the below pdf document, I hope this document will helpful for you.

Oracle 11gr2 rac two node installation guide on linux using virtual box 4.1.4

Download right click on this URL , choose save target as and save it.

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  1. aparna #

    The step by step installation has been very helpful. Couple of questions for you –
    1) /virtualdb/racnode1/racnode1.vdi – is this path on C drive? If not, where is this being created? By default, racnode1.vdi is being saved in the C drive. I get an error if i try to save it under a different path.
    2) racnode@netbackuptest virtualdb – have you created a machine netbackuptest?
    3) I am unable to create the shared disk. I get an error – VBoxManage not found.

    can you please explain this.

    thank you

    March 27, 2012
    • 1. I am not used to install virtual box on windows, used linux machine. So here If you want to use windows, better create a new folder on any windows where more space available and after choose your virtualbox storage location on this particular directory and then here the storage racnode.vdi stored.

      2. Yes netbackuptest is my host machine (linux)

      3.If you want to create shared disk in windows, you should create a directory on target host OS and here create a shared disk and also VBoxManage should be work as a Administrator, When you’re trying to create shared disk using this command like below

      Open command prompt as a administrator

      Go to VBoxManage location, It should be on C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

      use this command
      VBoxManage createhd –filename d:\aparna\shareddisk\asm1.vdi –size 10240 –format VDI –variant Fixed

      d:\aparna\shareddisk\asm1.vdi — shared disk

      March 28, 2012
      • aparna #

        Thank you. I am looking into this. This has been helpful.
        Yes, my host OS is windows and guest is Linux.

        March 31, 2012

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