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Hanging the process while installing Oracle Solaris 64bit on virtualbox

If you’re a beginner to install Oracle Solaris 64bit on Virtualbox, You may be get some hanging process while installing solaris at beginning stage like below

SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_14.... 64-bit

So They may be more confuse what I mistake, they may thought Everything I was selected Okay like

If you plan to install Solaris 64bit,  We must want to enable VT-x/AMD-v But It was default selected when you’re chooses subject page Solaris 64bit, then they may think what mistake, take a few more hours to analyze this one.

But Answer is simple .

You may select RAM memory size max 1GB RAM while configuration. But Oracle Solaris needs minimum 1536MB memory. then only you start the Oracle Solaris installation page…



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