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Oracle ADF Enterprise application development made simple Book

Oracle ADF — Application Development Framework is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development by providing out of the box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience.

What is Enterprise Application — Enterprise applications are the strategic applications in the enterprise. They will handle critical business functions and tend to be big and complex. In the past, it was acceptable that users had to take training classes before they were able to use the application, but today, enterprise applications are also required to be user-friendly and intuitive. As they are deployed throughout the organization, they will need sophisticated security features. And because of the cost of developing and implementing enterprise applications, they will remain in use for a long time.

I mentioned a book titled “Oracle ADF  Enterprise application development made simple” written by Sten E.Vesterli. He is an Oracle ACE Director and He is the 2010 recipient of the prestigious ODTUG Best Speaker award and also regular speaker of Oracle Openworld.

This book having contains 11 chapters. This is the book very useful for developers & web developers  who wish to learn how to develop modern, user-friendly web applications in an Oracle environment and also you can learn how do you use jdeveloper and ADF.

This is the book guiding you very user friendly with lot of screen shots and also having steps to develop Oracle ADF enterprise Application. If you’re a DBA or others, you can learn if you’re willing because of this is the book clearly explain the concepts about ADF without confused.but you need to know basic develop knowledge includes like java.I suggest you this book for Developers.

What you will learn from this book:

  • Develop an ADF application quickly using database tables together with common ADF user interface components and data visualization components
  • Estimate the effort required to build an ADF enterprise application
  • Organize the development team, choose support tools, and write development guidelines to ensure a uniform development approach
  • Set up the necessary infrastructure and configure a development workstation
  • Develop necessary templates and framework classes to allow productive and flexible development
  • Build a complete application using all the enterprise support tools
  • Test your ADF enterprise application at the component, integration, and system levels
  • Use skinning to change the look of the application to correspond to the enterprise’s visual identity
  • Customize the application to meet the needs and expectations of different users
  • Secure the enterprise application and assign roles for specific functionality.

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