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How to Enable Telnet on windows 7 and connect to Oracle Server

I just installed windows 7 on my new  machine and I try to connect Oracle server database through on Telnet but unfortunately i cannot connect  telnet. The telnet program doesnot configured on windows 7 when you’re done  first you need to configure Telnet program.In this case,you should follow these steps and then you can connect telnet program.

Step 1:  Open Control panel and Choose program on control panel,  then click Turn windows features on or off.

Step 2: After click , a new window appear, you can choose  Client telnet and then OK.

Step 3: The windows make new feautre.

Step 4:  After changes, you can now connect Telnet, cmd> telnet Enter.

Step 6: Now you can connect Oracle database through on telnet.

Step 6: Enter your OS oracle group  username and password.

Step 7: Finally you can connect database after you given oracle username and password.

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